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Application at Barton on the Humber

Wednesday, 02 November 2016 09:05

The Y&H Regional Group of CPRE commissioned KVA Planning to comment the application at Barton on the Humber (NLC planning application PA/2016/1490) for CPRE North Lincolnshire.

We were delighted to receive this letter from a local resident:

"As a resident of Barton-upon-Humber I should like to express my thanks and appreciation for producing your timely report commenting on the NLC planning application PA/2016/1490 to build commercial & residential properties on the last natural open green space at the western side of Barton on Ferriby Road. You have put together a report that encompasses all of the concerns of the very many local residents who are opposed to this proposal in a clear and concise manner that illustrates not only what the loss of this beautiful natural space means to us all. But also the huge impact on the present infrastructure and the very nature of our town its self.

I just hope that NLC take a long and measured look at your report and have the conviction to come to the only right minded conclusion and abort this ill conceived proposal. We all know and understand the financial constraints that face this country, after all we have to live them everyday too. However this field and its wonderful boarder of mixed mature trees is worth so much more than pounds & pence, leave it for the present and future generations to enjoy. We must never forget if this building goes ahead our green space will be gone forever."

Sometime, a letter like this can lift the weariest of campaigners and let’s us know that we’re doing the right thing!

Let’s hope that the Planners refuse the application and protect this important local green space!

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